white table with apples, eggs and baking utensils on it

Celebrate Fall with These Best Apple Recipes

Oct 14, 2020

We love getting in the fall spirit here at Monarc, and with so many great apple recipes out there this time of the year, we decided to round up our very favorites for enjoying one of the yummiest parts of the season. Want to make your own apple cider donuts? We’ve got you covered. Looking for a boozier way to enjoy the fall flavor? We’ve got that too! Read ahead for the top 5 apple recipes we love, all super easy to make right at home!    


Cinnamon Apple Pie Bread 

This delightful recipe from Wishes and Dishes blog combines all the deliciousness of apple pie in a yummy bread form. The brown sugar and cinnamon topping pairs wonderfully with the sweet taste of apple for a perfect twist on the classic fall dessert. Find the easy-to-bake recipe here.  


Apple Cider Donuts

We love that Apple Cider Donuts have become a staple of fall and Inspired by Charm blog has a fantastic recipe for making your own. There’s no mixer required, so making these really is as uncomplicated as getting your dry and wet ingredients all set separately and then combining them together. Find all the info here.


Portable Apple Crumble Jars  

These Portable Apple Crumble Jars by Kitchen Sanctuary are adorable and decadently tasty with their surprising custard core. The apple treat can be enjoyed either hot or cold. Store it in tiny mason jars for an especially easy on-the-go dessert.  Check out the full recipe here.


Cinnamon Apple Chips  

For a quick and healthy snack, try these crisp Cinnamon Apple Chips. This recipe from Delish recommends apples like Honeycrisp, Granny Smith, or Pink Lady for a crunchier chip. If you have an airfryer, go ahead and use it--but this recipe also works just as well in the oven. Full recipe can be found here.


Apple Crisp Cocktail    

This recipe might not have been exactly what the doctor had in mind when he recommended an apple a day, but we say apple brandy is close enough! This cocktail from Serious Eats blends the brandy together with cardamom-infused bourbon for an adult beverage that’s just the thing for welcoming fall. Find all the info for whipping up the Apple Crisp Cocktail here.  


We hope you enjoy trying these wonderful apple recipes for yourself! Let us know what you’re making by tagging us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter