If you aren’t the biggest fan of roommates or simply prefer to live alone, you may be trying to decide whether you want to live in a studio or upgrade to a one bedroom apartment. Just like with any other life decision, there are pros and cons to both options. Take a look at your lifestyle and consider the following things while making your decision:

Renting a studio:

The main reason people choose studio living over a one bedroom is cost. Your budget may not allow a one bedroom luxury apartment in Downtown Miami, but it will allow you to live in an upscale studio thanks to lower rent and utility costs. Even if cost isn’t a big factor for you, living in a studio will allow you to save money year after year that you can spend on other things.

Another upside to a studio apartment is it is easier to decorate, organize, and keep clean! A large single room apartment home can have a universal theme and will need less furniture to feel like a home than a one bedroom apartment will. There are plenty of tips available for those who worry about how to decorate a smaller space and store their belongings.

Our Miami luxury studio apartments offer a beautiful kitchen area with a chef’s island and a spacious walk-in closet plus conveniences like a washer and dryer unit. The layout offers 680 sq. ft. which is significantly larger than most other studio apartments in the Miami area. Don’t miss your opportunity to take advantage of everything Monarc at Met has to offer in our community.

Renting a one bedroom apartment:

One bedroom apartment homes are the perfect choice for people who need additional storage space, privacy, and for those who like to entertain in their home. Having an actual bedroom is great for residents who work from home because they can choose to spend the workday in a different room than the area they sleep.

Traditionally, one bedroom apartments come with more space than studios. If you are a renter who owns a lot of things, this may be a positive aspect for your lifestyle or a hindrance if you don’t own enough furniture to fill the space.

Don’t worry! The one bedroom apartments at our Miami community still offer the same great amenities you will find in a studio apartment while also providing a unique layout with more privacy. All residents at our luxury Miami apartments are available to enjoy a wide variety of community amenities too.

Choose what is right for you:

You know your lifestyle and expectations better than anybody else so write your own pro/con list to decide which option is better for you. One bedroom apartments offer certain upgrades in return for additional rent; however, these benefits are not always valuable to everybody looking for an apartment for one.

Our Miami apartments are near the greatest dining and shopping venues in the downtown area. Schedule a tour of our beautiful community and choose whether you want to live in a studio or one bedroom apartment today!

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