Tips and Tricks for Saving Space


Our apartments in Downtown Miami are spacious and offer residents a great deal of storage space too; however, there never seems to be enough space for some to store all their stuff. Nobody wants to live in clutter or spend exorbitant monthly fees to rent a storage building so we have a few tips to help you live alone in an apartment home or share the space with another person.

Step 1: Evaluate your space-

One of our favorite ways to ensure that plenty of space is saved in an apartment is to take advantage of all the hidden-in-plain-sight areas like under the bed, and behind the couch. Also, another great option is to utilize vertical space. Buy the tall bookshelf you had your eye on or add those additional shelves to the wall to utilize this area. Various types of shelving are available from basic single shelves to shelves with cubbies and even some with drawers. You can use bed risers to create additional space under your bed and add a long bed skirt to keep it hidden.

Step 2: Utilize the closet space-

The closets at our apartments in Downtown Miami are very generous when it comes to space; however, if you have a large collection of clothes for all occasions, we recommend following a few simple closet tips to help you create additional space. Our first tip is to use these under the bed storage bags for off-season clothing and shoes. Another way to save space is to pair outfits together on one hanger using soda can tabs or multi-purpose hangers like these.

Step 3: Choose the right furniture-

When shopping for furniture, keep your eye out for storage space items. Foldable tables, storage ottomans, and even standalone Murphy beds like this (also known as panel or wall beds) can help create more space in your home. Try to avoid bulky furniture like sectionals if you are trying to save space or make your home look larger.

Step 4: Question your habits-

While all of these tips can be beneficial, questioning your habits and creating new ones will be the most rewarding part of trying to create more space. This is the easiest rule of creating new space—get rid of things you are not using. We’re not saying to get rid of your sweaters because you don’t need them right now, but definitely consider getting rid of the sweater you haven’t worn in 5+ years. Purging your items a few times per year will not only help you keep inventory of what you have, but make living in our apartments in Downtown Miami much easier.


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